Bali Car Hire With Driver in Seminyak

Dear Sirs:

We are still in the planning stage of this trip. Tentatively, we would need the driver upon arrival on the 15th of February to get us to our accommodations, Bali Island Villas & Spa, Jalan Raya Petitenget, No. 469, Seminyak, Indonesia 80361, Resort telephone number: 361 4736656. As of yet, we do not have our arrival information. We would then need the driver on Monday, the 17th to go to the Blue Lagoon in Padangbai. On Tuesday, the 18th of February, we would like to go to Ubud for the day with a driver going to, Ceking Rice Field, Sangeh Monkey Forest, lunch at Sarong Sate Babi Nyoman Bledor, Water Temple, Saraswati Temple, Goa Gajah, then finally dinner at Locavore in Ubud before returning to Seminyak. Finally, on Wednesday, the 19th, we would like to use the driver's services once again to go for lunch at Warung Bamboo, then on to Uluwatu Temple, then to Garuda Wasnu Kencana, and finally dinner at Made Bagus Café in Jimbaren Bay. On Thursday and Friday we will be on our own, returning to the airport on Saturday afternoon.

Does this look like a working plan? We are open to suggestions as this will be our first trip to Bali. Thank you again for your assistance and guidance.

Rent a car with driver in Seminyak

Car Hire Seminyak Price

Thank you for your update. Yes this should be can do. Please find it below for the price:

1. Feb 15th: Airport pick-drop off service only to Seminyak $20 including petrol.
2. Feb 17th - 19th: 10 hours with the driver $30 x 3 days = $90 excluding petrol.
3. Feb 20th-22nd: Self driven $20 x 2 days = $40 excluding petrol.

Please advise whether the plan is correct as described above?

Could you please add the 16th for self drive. Otherwise, all is perfect.

Ah sorry the 16th could not be self driven as it is only 1 day and you are in Ubud. Self driven must be for 2 days continuously and you are in Seminyak and round up area. Please advise.

I am not sure if you received the email that I sent to you on Friday in reply to your email, as I have yet to receive a reply. Please forgive me if you have already received it and the reply was lost in cyber space. Again, we are planning on renting the car for the entire week, with our base being Seminyak as this is where we are staying.

The only issue we have is the pick up on Saturday using your driver to take us to the hotel, then not using a driver till Monday, as we will need Sunday to lay low and recuperate. Please see our detailed schedule below as to exactly what our plans are. If it is not possible to do it this way, then we will start our hire on early Monday morning following through with the rest of our plans. Please let me know your thoughts on this. We greatly appreciate you working with us and look forward to our stay.

Please forgive me that I was not more clear with our plans. We intend to rent the car for the full week, using your driver's services for 4 of the days. All trips with the exception of our arrival at the airport, will begin and end in Seminyak, as this is where we are staying. On Saturday, Feb. 15th, we will use your driver's services simply to get us from the airport to the hotel, Bali Island Villas in Seminyak. Sunday, we will be resting from our very long journey of 36 hours. We will only use the car to go to market to pick up food items for the week, thus not needing your driver's services, but needing to drive ourselves to the store and back, and possibly a little exploring of the immediate area. We are still in the planning stages and our open to changes if you should have a suggestion as this is our first trip to Bali.

Itinerary of Renting a Car with Driver in Seminyak

On Monday, Feb. 17th our adventures begin, once again using your driver's services going to the following:
1. Pick up in Seminyak
2. Drive to Lempuyang Temple.
3. Tirta Gangga,
4. Blue Lagoon Beach , The beach lies just northeast of the main beach of Padangbai
5. Return to Seminyak

On Tuesday, Feb. 18th, we would do the following using your driver's services:
1. Pick up in Seminyak
2. Ceking Rice Field
3. Sangeh Monkey Forest,
4. lunch at Sarong Sate Babi Nyoman Bledor,
5. Water Temple,
6. Saraswati Temple,
7. Goa Gajah,
8. Then finally dinner at Locavore in Ubud
9. Return to Seminyak

On Wednesday, Feb. 19th, we would use your driver's services to do the following:
1. Pick up in Seminyak
2. Lunch at Warung Bamboo,
3. then on to Uluwatu Temple,
4. then to Garuda Wasnu Kencana,
5. finally dinner at Made Bagus Café in Jimbaren Bay
6. Return to Seminyak

Bikes and cars on Seminyak street

On Thursday and Friday we would not need your driver's services as we will stay in the immediate area. On Saturday, we would return the car back to the airport and depart. If the above still does not work, then we would fall back on our back up plan. We would begin your services on Monday, Feb. 17th with pick up at hotel in Seminyak, not using your services nor renting the car till then. We would then follow through with the above plans, moving forward from Monday the 17th of Feb. to the end of the week, returning the car on Saturday to the airport. We would prefer the first plan, but understand if you are not able to allow us the pick up on Saturday, with self-drive on Sunday, then driver on Monday. Please let us know which plan we are able to use.

I am growing a bit concerned that we have not heard from you regarding our car hire on Feb. 15th. I am wondering if for some reason you are not receiving the emails I have sent.

Please see the emails below for full itinerary . We are planning on renting the car for the full week, with Seminyak being our base as this is where our hotel is. We can do the hire one of two ways.

1. Use car with driver to get us to the hotel on Saturday, leaving car with us for the duration of the week. We will then use his services again on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, leaving the car without driver for Thursday, Friday, and return on Saturday. That would mean we would have driver for 4 days, no driver for 3 days.

2. If the above does not work, then we could start our hire on Monday, Feb. 17th, using a driver for the first three days, leaving the car without a driver on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Please let me know what works best for you.

Thank you for your update. Oh ... now is clear and understood :) So basically you want to self driven for all days (15 - 22 Feb) and will need the driver for 4 days between it.

If we are not mistaken, please see as below:
1. Self driven 15 - 22 Feb: $20 x 7 days = $140.
2. Driver service 15, 17, 18, 19 Feb: $10 x 4 days = $40.

Please note the driver will work for 10 hours/day. Any extra hour will be charged for $4 per hour. On the Feb 15th for transfer only to the hotel it is considered as 10 hours also. Please advise whether all above is correct?

This is perfect. We do not have our flight arrival information yet but will let you know as we get closer to the date. What do we need to do now to confirm our reservation?

Thank you for your reply and noted. Once you have for the flight information please let us know at soonest. This is to confirm for this booking and we just need to wait for your next update regarding the arrival flight number as well as the arrival time.

We have now finalized all our plans. We will be arriving on Feb. 15th on Qantas Airline, from Melbourne, Australia. Our flight number is Qantas 045, arriving at 20:30 at Denpasar-Bali Ngurah Rai Airport. We will be traveling staff/stand by, but the flight looks wide open so it should not be a problem. Should we be bumped from the flight, we will let you know the change of plans and the new flight arrival. That being said, I do not see this being a problem.

We look very much forward to our stay in Bali and want to thank you so very much in advance for all of your help.

Could you please let me know that you have received my email regarding our arrival on Feb. 15th, Qantas Flt. # 04, arriving at 20:30 from Melbourne, Australia to the Denpasar-Bali Ngurah Rai Airport. Again, we will be traveling staff/stand by, but all flights look wide open.

We do not anticipate a problem, but should we be bumped, we will notify you in plenty of time. Could you please give us instructions on how to find the driver once we retrieve our luggage?

We look forward to our stay and thank you in advance.


Thank you for your update.

Ok so it would be on Qantas flight# 45, is that correct? Landing at 20:30. If you will have an update on it please let us know. The driver will bring your name on a paper at the arrival exit gate. He will also send you to your number +512751745 via Whatsapp so please make sure your Whatsapp is on when arrval.

Sorry, flight number did not come out correctly on last email. We will be arriving on Qantas flt. 45 from Melbourne at 20:30. Thank you.

Thank you for your email. There has been one last change to our schedule. The hotel will now be picking us up at the airport on the 15th. This is a service we did not know was included in the price of our room. Because of this, we will not need the car till Monday, the 17th of Feb. when your driver picks us up at the hotel, Bali Island Villas and Spa Seminyak. I believe you have the address. Let’s do a 10 am pick up. We will then be using your driver service for that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we are on our own with the car. Finally, on Saturday afternoon, we will return car. Does this all make sense to you?

Please let me know that you have received this email or if you have any questions. also, we need to know that all is confirmed.

I am growing a bit concerned that I have not heard a confirmation that you have recieved my email regarding a change in our car hire. Again, we will no longer have you pick us up on Saturday, February. Instead, we will begin using your car hire with driver on Monday, February 17th, when the car and a driver will pick us up at 10 am to do our sight seeing on the eastern side of the island. Wednesday, we will again use car and driver for Ubud. On Thursday, we will also use driver to head south. Thursday and Friday, we will be on our own with the car. Saturday evening, we will return the car to the airport around 19:00.

Could you please let me know that you have received this change in plans? Everything is perfect! So very excited about our trip. Thank you for all of your help. We look forward to meeting you in a few days.

Okay we noted all. Yes we know the address of the villa, it is in Seminyak area.

See you very soon, Feb 17th, in Bali!

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