Renting an Open Suzuki Jimny Jeeps in Ubud Bali

Hi there, we are staying in Kuta at the moment and plan to go to Ubud tomorrow we would really like a car during our stay in Bali maybe a week or more! Are there any open jeeps to rent and how much would it be? We are two girls from England. Please let us know as soon as possible. Many thanks.

Hire a mini jeeps Suzuki Jimny in Ubud

Pleased to let you know there is NO convertible car to be rented in Bali. If you still interested we have a mini jeep Suzuki Jimny (not open roof). The price is USD 18 x 7 days = USD 126 NET (No Hidden Charge!). Also we have the PROMO program this June for the car hire the Toyota Avanza at USD 25/day (normal price is USD 27/day). The Toyota Avanza is much more convenience and safe than the Suzuki Jimny.

Can we pay on a day to day basis if we want to come and drop it off and use it again! We would like to go for the mini jeep and preferably have it tomorrow. How do we get it logistically if we are leaving Kuta tomorrow? Many thanks.

Hi thank you for your response but we're sorry cannot work for that way. And the full payment for entire days must be done on the first day.

Hi there, can we rent for a four day period for example and pay up front for the four days? We woul definitely like to do it tomorrow. How can we arrange this for tomorrow do we pick it up or do you drop off ? We are in Kuta many thanks.

Sure that way is ok. The price would be USD 25 x 4 days = USD 100. If you would like to extend you can inform us later on. Please advise where and what time tomorrow in Kuta we can meet to deliver the car?

Okay perfect! We would like to have it at 12 pm in morning if that's ok? We are staying in Grand Hardys Hotel Kuta - so is there anywhere that's good for you to drop of near us?

Ok we can deliver the car in Grand Hardys Kuta tomorrow at 12pm. Please advise what is your room#? As once the staff is arrived there they will call to your room and wait for you in the lobby hotel.

Perfect ! Thank you very much. We are in room 106 although we check out at 12 tomorrow we will wait in hotel foyer.

Hi there, we are meant to be returning the car tomorrow at Seminyak. The car has not been as we hoped, the horn did not work and this has caused many problems. As you know in Bali a horn is essential and sometimes without it even caused life threatening and dangerous situations. We would like to in fact extend using a car from your company till next Monday 13th but we would like a new one as it has been very dangerous and we would like it at a discount. Please let me know your thoughts.

Yes we are sorry about this but we need to remind you that the Suzuki Jimny - as informed on the website - is quiet an old car, discontinued in 2005. So please do not except much with the car. We advise you yo upgrade the car into another newer-recent model car the Daihatsu Ayla instead.

Thank you for this. Just to clarify we would like to use the same brand of car and keep a Suzuki Jimny but one with a horn and discount from the one we've been paying for as it has caused dangers. We are staying in a villa in Seminyak. The car is parked outside in a little garage annex next to another jeep that our friends rented from you. It is the one on the right. Here is the address of or villa: Jalan drupadi Gang Mertasari No.3 Seminyak, Bali 80361, Indonesia. We will leave the key on the spare wheel under the jeep cover at the back of car. We might be out as it is our friends birthday but please take it and leave the other. Many thanks and kind regards.

Ok. But we are sorry that the Manager just informed that no replacement car available tonite. So we will come to your place tomorrow morning to fix the horn. Please advise the car would be at the same place as described tomorrow morning?

Okay this is fine! Yep the car will be the same place. I'm really sorry but at the end my appointment has changed. Can you pick it up from Sanur - we are travelling there now and will be there in half an hour. We will send you an address. We have parked the car on road near Bumas Hotel, Bumi Ayu street 4 in Sanur. We are around the area so please may you let me know how long will be so we can come to meet and give the keys. Update: we have been told by the man picking the car up that we should leave key and money under the front seat as he is running late. We are therefore going to do this.

Hi there, we are returning from gilli Terawangan tomorrow at 1:45 pm so will arrive in Sanur at 5pm. We were wondering if it would be possible to rent a car again from Sanur tomorrow and use for the weekend and you pick it up Monday lunch time from kuta. Because it will only be two and a half days we are happy to pay the three days at a discounted price like before. Please let me know!

Thank you for your email. We are ok at USD 15 x 3 days = USD 45. Please advise once again with the Time? And also can you advise with the ship name you use for tomorrow?

Thank you so much. We are getting a boat at 1:45 PM with the company Scoot Fast Boat. I assume we will be in Sanur at 5pm. See you there once again!

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