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Myself and wife coming to Bali 22-August to 29-August. Staying at Medewi Bay Retreat, Pekutatan. Considering options for Self Drive Car hire as well as rental with Driver. Can you please advise what cars you offer with Automatic transmission for self drive?

Also, we will be arriving 22-August into Ngurah Rai International Airport, but on 29-August we will be departing from Benoa Marina for one week cruise. What special arrangements might be made to accommodate those different arrival and departure points? What is additional cost for driver? and is driver available for all car rental models or only specific models.

Car size would need to be sufficient to accommodate two adults plus at least to large bags, 2 carry on bags as well as other personal item. As additional opportunity. We will return to Benoa from our cruise the 5-September morning and stay in BALI MASARI VILLAS, Sukawati until departure from Ngurah Rai airport on afternoon of 11-September. So addition car rental as well as Benoa port pickup and airport drop off might be needed. Looking forward to your response.

Regards and Thank You!


Bali car hire self drive - Daihatsu Ayla

Dear Mr. Mark,

We would like to confirm with you about the availability of a small size car the DAIHATSU AYLA on period of date mentioned.

- DAIHATSU AYLA is available on the 22 - 29 August, 2020, Self Drive at USD 20 x 7 Days = USD 140 NET (No Hidden Charge!).

- DAIHATSU AYLA is available on the 05 - 11 September, 2020, Self Drive at USD 20 x 6 Days = USD 120 NET (No Hidden Charge!).

If you need a driver the fee is $13 per 10 hours per day. Please be noted if you take a driver then both of the car and driver will be work for 10 hours per day.

Also please note if you will stay in the areas which is quiet far away (such as Lovina, Karangasem, Amed, Tulamben, Munduk, Pekutatan, Singaraja, Menjangan, Candidasa) from our home base in Kuta area, then you must keep the driver for 24 hours per day. So that is mean he will also spend the night there. To accommodate this please add another USD 15 per night including for his meals and accommodation.

Just to advise it is better for you to just Self driven rather than taking a driver as it will be more free and easy.

Thank you for kind reply.

I need to make adjustments to dates due to typing mistake on my part. As well as provide a bit more detail for your questions so that you might adjust the offer accordingly.

22 - 29 August, 2020.
22-August Arrival is currently scheduled for 3:00pm via Cathy Pacific at Ngurah Rai airport.

Relocate to Medewi Bay Retreat in Pekutatan. with time to clear customs and immigration expect pickup 4:00 PM.

29-August Departure is from Benoa Marina, cruise embarkation begins at 4:00PM. I would prefer to return vehicle at Marina unless we can arrange for complimentary transport to marina.

05 - 10 September, 2020 (Please note departure date change)

05-September Arrival Benoa Marina. Cruise ship return/disembarkation by 9:30AM. Relocate to Bali Masari Villas and Spa in Sukawati.

10-Sept Departure. 4:00pm via Cathy Pacific at Ngurah Rai airport. Need to be at airport by 1pm for check in processes. Thus expected rental periods would be 12 days total. 7 days (Sat 22-Aug @ 4PM to Sat 29-Aug @ 4PM) and 5 days (Sat 5-Sept @ 10AM to Thursday 10-Sept @ 1PM (latest))

Looking forward to your response.

Kind Regards,


We noted all on your advises below.

Ok so it would be for self driven on all days, for the ease.

Please advise with your Cathay Pacific arrival flight# on the Aug 22nd?

And yes please return the car directly at the Benoa Marina dock on the Aug 29th. We will wait for you there to collect the car.

To be certain, we are discussing DAIHATSU AYLA for total of 12 days over two periods at $20/day. For total of $240. Correct?

I have some concern about size of AYLA. I anticipate 2 large suit case. By large I am describing a bag that meets airline max size of 62 in (158cm) LxWxH and weights up to 70 lbs (32Kgs) plus airline size carry-on. Considering we'll be there nearly 3 weeks, and plan to cover the whole island including snorkeling/diving at both Amed on the east to the national park on the west, I wonder if the smaller city car such as the AYLA might be wrong vehicle for us.

Car Hire Toyota Rush

What about the Taruna, Avanza or Rush vehicles? Are any of those more appropriately sized and available with automatic?

Kind regards,


Yes correct it is for the Daihatsu Ayla for total $240 under two periods mentioned.

Ah yes if you will explore the island (including to the north in Amed) yes surely a more powerful car would be more convenience. The Taruna is quiet and old car discontinued in 2002, so the Avanza or the Rush should be great as it is a recent model car. Please find for the price as below:

- Toyota Avanza USD 25 X 12 days = USD 300.
- Toyota Rush USD 30 x 12 days = USD 360.

Both car is available in automatic gear.

Please note the Rush have bigger engine (1.5) while the Avanza 1.3. Please advise which one you would like to take?

Ok got it for the Whatsapp issue. We can just use the Bali Airport Pick Up Procedure advised in previous email.

Considering the traveling we plan to do around the island, i believe the Toyota Rush will serve our needs best. Please reserve for us the Rush under following conditions.

- Toyota Rush USD 30 x 12 days = USD 360 inclusive of the following

- Full tank fuel upon car delivery. Full tank on Return

Expected rental periods would be 12 days total. 7 days (Sat 22-Aug @ 4PM (DPS airport) to Sat 29-Aug @ 4PM (Benoa Port) and 5 days (Sat 5-Sept @ 10AM (Benoa Port) to Thursday 10-Sept @ 1PM (latest) (DPS Airport)

Our flight information is CX Flight 785

Depart: HKG - Hong Kong on Sat 22 Aug 2020 at 10:00AM

Arrive: DPS - Denpasar Bali on Sat 22 Aug 2020 at 03:00PM


With pickup at Airport and Benoa port will vehicle be turned over to us at that time, after completing paperwork and other formalities. Or will we be transported back to your place of business first?

Before acceptance of Vehicle and completing financial matters a full vehicle inspection and test drive is expected.

If driving on Toll roads I understand that some type of e-CARD is required payment. No Cash Accepted. Is e-card payment also required at the toll plazas exiting the airport or entering Benoa Port? Can you supply a preloaded e-card to cover those 1st few days on island? Other questions will follow as they come to mind.

Kind regards,


We noted all for your advises below and yes correct, the Rush would be good for the entire days :)


- The car will be given to you directly on the spot so you can just drive where ever you would like after completing paperwork.

- Sure

- Usually we leave a toll card inside the car. You can then op it up as you would like at many convenience store. It is only when you uses toll road. Other is mostly by cash. The toll road is not a must, it is optional if you just use the by pass road it is no need to pay anything.


Would you please give me more detail on included insurance? Is it Fully Comprehensive Insurance ( includes Collision Damage Waiver and fully covering 3rd Party Liability ).

Thanks for info.

So the included coverage is a collision and comprehensive coverage, which protects against damage or loss (theft etc) only to your vehicle. For US$8/day we can add which will eliminate any deductible (US$50 - US$500) on damage to the rental vehicle as well as cover damage to other persons vehicle up to US$1000. does that include some form of liability coverage to cover bodily injury and property damage to other person/property.

I'm assuming you have this all in the paperwork we will complete on arrival. Would you be able to email me an English language copy of the paperwork so i can read and understand all that's offered?


Another question, is it possible to make payment via PAYPAL or AMEX credit card?

I know you prefer to work using cash, Visa or Mastercard but there are certain advantages and protections to me if i can use an American Express credit card. I can still obtain same advantages if i use the AMEX card through PayPal. Another thing i've done in past to obtain the advantages and protections of the AMEX card is to do initial rental on AMEX card. Then on return of vehicle, if there have been no issues or incidents we cancel all AMEX charges and instead bill against the Visa/MC. But if any issue arrive with rental or accident then charges are applied to the AMEX card.

Just exploring options. I hope you understand.

Sure payment for your car hire by credit card is welcome but just to remind that there will be additional charge 3% by the bank in Bali.

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